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Careers Advice

The provision of worthwhile and usable career advice is something that WaterBear has always strived to do, in line with our central vision and mission. Whether it’s at one of our regular masterclasses, during your 1-1 mentoring, in our day-to-day classes and seminars, or via our social media channels or website – it’s something that’s at the core to who we are. Our Open Day events are no different. We pride ourselves on being able to spend time with any individual seeking help or advice with regards to their career progression and development. We will always try to make time available to help you on the day, whether or not you decide to embark on a programme of study with us. Our wider vision is to contribute to the success and development of the creative industries; offering practical advice wherever we can supports our goal.


At WaterBear we are always available for questions and careers advice, whether you are a current student or not. Contact:




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