Adam Hayward

I am the creator of Hayward Media Coaching Services, a business that takes your brand and helps clients realise their story and communicate that through engaging and meaningful interviews. As a former student of WaterBear, I have taken my 30 years of music business experience and realised my business through the Master's Degree process with a considerable amount of reflection and ultimately one of the most rewarding experiences I have had to date.

How to do a radio interview

One of the most common questions that I’m asked is “how do I do an […]

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Why WaterBear?

Tardigrade (AKA Water Bear)

  • Micro-animal that is found everywhere, in all extreme climates
  • The most resilient creature known to humanity. Survives and adapts to its surroundings
  • This resilience and ability to adapt and survive inspires us in everything we do