Author: Mike Ross

Mike Ross is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer, originally from the North East of England living in self-imposed exile in Brighton & Hove. He is an international touring artist (or was, until the Earth sent us to our rooms to think about all the bad things we’ve done). He has several solo albums to his name, owns more guitars, amps and pedals than could be considered sane and is a member of the southern rock tour-de-force RHR (Redfern, Hutchinson & Ross). Mike is also a qualified therapeutic counsellor and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Music Innovation at WaterBear College Of Music. He offers one-to-one coaching and mentoring services (via Zoom!) and can be contacted via

How to gig online and get paid

At a time when it seems like the whole world has taken to social media […]

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Why WaterBear?

Tardigrade (AKA Water Bear)

  • Micro-animal that is found everywhere, in all extreme climates
  • The most resilient creature known to humanity. Survives and adapts to its surroundings
  • This resilience and ability to adapt and survive inspires us in everything we do