How to Build an Online Audience with Mary Spender and Cory Wong

We have just released an exclusive video over on our YouTube channel featuring our very own Bruce Dickinson interviewing the amazing Mary Spender and Cory Wong on the ever-important subject of building your online profile and engaging your audience.

Both of these musicians are hugely successful online, but what’s their approach to building an online audience?

Find out about their journeys, career developments and get golden advice on how to successfully build an online audience in 2021.

A big WaterBear thank you to Mary and Cory for taking the time out of their seriously busy schedules to be with us!

By Jodie Amos

Front-women of her former band, drummer and singer Jodie graduated from her MA in Innovation and Enterprise and jumped straight in to Tour Managing a European month-long tour with Made on the Road. It was there that she discovered her passion for events and tours. After working alongside Bruce Dickinson in the first WaterBear UK tour, Jodie is now the Events Coordinator at WaterBear | The College of Music.
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