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You’ve spent hours with your band mates, or on your own, writing and developing your songs, rehearsing until all hours of the night, saving and then sweating it out in the studio to make your songs the best that they can be…..Now what? STOP… TAKE TIME & PLAN.

In 2019, the majority of exciting artists that are shaking up the music industry are DIY artists self releasing on their own labels or working with small independent labels which means they are in full control of their music and they are not relying on the out-dated major label / corporate model to get their music heard. If you’re sitting there waiting for a major label or management company to come to you – don’t! it’s not going to happen. You need to take the initiative, be in control, professionalise your craft and make your music the best it can be.

When you are at the point of having your debut single, E.P or album mixed and mastered you may think the hard part is over. Think again!. Getting your music heard outside of your immediate circle of friends, family or social media followers (who hopefully will give you the honest feedback you need to develop as an artist) is the next challenge.

You’ve invested time and money to get to this point and your music deserves the time you need to put in to get your release out to the wider world. If you are undertaking any release it is important to have a marketing plan. Submitting your music to respected music blogs should be just one element of that plan. If your skill set does not include business and marketing then you need to either up-skill and learn or collaborate with people who have the skill set that you need.

At WaterBear, developing business, marketing, release planning and collaboration skills are a key part of our BA (Hons) degree and Masters programmes. We always recommend that if you’re missing a skill that is a key requirement for you to succeed then you need to invest the time to learn, up-skill and join the dots. This extends to perhaps the less stimulating elements such as your marketing and business planning skills. So many new artists and bands fail as they put 95% of their time and energy into the creative process and give no time to their business/marketing plan.

In the coming weeks we will have more marketing and business/release planning tips so make sure to follow us on FB and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also, check out our previous blogs and YouTube videos for advice and tips which will help you to develop your plan.

As with our previous blog about festival applications, we recommend that you do not submit your music to the blogs listed below until you are happy that your music is ready, you are clear on your audience, you have developed your image, have a professional EPK (electronic press kit) ready to go and a plan in place for other activity (e.g live shows, social media plan etc). Note: In next weeks blog we will be looking at how to make a pro EPK.

The music blogs below want to hear your newest tracks, so avoid sending a SoundCloud link that was up-loaded in 2018 or earlier.

I hope this advice helps you with your release plan. As per our last blog, remember – “There is no such thing as overnight success”. Be resilient, collaborate, experiment, learn, work hard and always remember – enjoy the journey!

Music blogs that want to hear your music:
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Genre: Alternative / Indie
Genre: Indie / Rock / Folk /Pop
Genre: Indie / Rock / Alternative
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Genre: Indie Pop & Rock

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Genre: Mainly dance & electronic

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By Brían McNamara

Brían has performed at some of the UK & Ireland’s leading festivals including Black Deer Festival, Beautiful Days Festival, Liverpool Feis, The Great Escape and Electric Picnic. An experienced live performer, he has played many leading venues across the UK & Ireland including: The Brighton Dome, The Belfast Empire, Whelans Dublin and Ronnie Scotts. With his band Warsaw Radio he has appeared on the same line-up as artists such as Van Morrison, The Lone Bellow, Frank Turner, The Levellers and The Waterboys. His songs have been featured & playlisted on BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Northern Ireland and RTE Radio in Ireland.
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