Advice and Guidance

July 2020

At WaterBear, we’ve been closely following all the advice and guidance as set out by the Government, in the wake of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. It remains our number one priority to ensure the safety of all students, staff and visitors to the college.

Our courses have, from the very beginning, been designed to be flexible and enable students to study their courses whether or not they are able to attend college. This flexible learning model has recently been put to the utmost test. When the lockdown began, all WaterBear students moved to a fully online mode of study with immediate effect, with the majority having now successfully completed their studies for the current academic year without disruption. Our flexible model has stood up to the challenges of Covid-19 and it’s something we know will serve our students very well through this next phase.

On the understanding that the Government’s lockdown measures will continue to be eased back in the way that we’ve seen recently, we can confirm that the WaterBear college facilities will be open for business in September, with all students being able to start their studies on the designated date. That means anyone signed up for a course running on campus will be able to attend the college. We will of course be ensuring that precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all students, staff and visitors, and will follow the Government guidance that’s in place at the time.

A commitment to keeping class sizes smaller is another central component of the WaterBear ethos. This is another reason why we’ll be able to open our doors to students in September. We can manage class sizes to ensure we adhere to social distancing advice. Our curriculum delivery model will also be adapted, with some lectures being delivered online to start with. To be clear, we do not intend to move all scheduled on-site teaching and learning activity online, only a small percentage of it. We will keep this situation under constant review and return to a full programme of on-site activities as soon as we are able. This approach will mean you’ll still be able to come to the WaterBear college, meet your friends and get involved in on-site activities, but in a safe and managed way.

As has always been the case at WaterBear, we will continue with our blended learning approach, meaning that all lecture content and materials will be available to you online, whether or not you’re studying on the online or on-site course. This provides additional comfort for anyone not able to come to the college in person, for whatever reason, who doesn’t want to miss out or fall behind with their studies.

To further ensure we can keep our facilities COVID-secure, we have acquired additional space in Brighton for teaching and learning from September. This means there will be even more facilities available for us to use for our activities and we can therefore further ensure your safety. Additional precautions such as the provision of PPE and clear signage throughout our buildings will provide additional comfort.

In summary, rest assured we will be doing all we can to ensure everyone’s safety at WaterBear from September onwards and we’re looking forward to seeing you here, at the college. None of us know how long this situation will last and when we’ll be able to fully return to normal, but we will be doing everything we can to ensure WaterBear is a fantastic experience for all students.

If you have any further questions or would like to chat with us, please drop us a line on, or call us on 01273 726230.

For up to date advice and guidance on the Coronavirus pandemic, please refer to the NHS ( and Government ( websites.