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Funding & Finance



BA Hons (2-yr Online Accelerated)
WaterBear Online Fee: £9,250 per year


BA Hons (3-yr full-time on-campus)
UK/EU Tuition Fees: £9,250 per year
Non-EU Tuition Fees: £13,000 per year


UK/EU Tuition Fees: £9,950
Non-EU Tuition Fees: £12,600





Eligible UK/EU students are able to get a UK Tuition Fee Loan from the government which helps to pay the course fee. You can request a loan which covers the whole of the fee or just part of the fee.


Northern Ireland:


It is also possible to get a Maintenance Loan which helps with the cost of living (e.g. rent, food, course materials, etc). How much you can get depends on your circumstances (e.g. household income) and whether you choose to live in the parental home. Students from lower income households receive more financial support. You can get an idea of how much support is available to you using the student finance calculator. The maintenance loan is paid to you in three installments in the academic year. Extra funds – which don’t have to be repaid – might be available if you have dependents. The Adult Dependants’ Grant is for students who have a spouse (or partner if you are over 25) who is financially dependent on them. The Childcare Grant is funding specifically for childcare expenses incurred whilst studying, and the Parents’ Learning Allowance helps student parents to pay for course expenses such as books, study materials and travel costs. All the grants are means-tested (based on household income).






If you are a resident of one the countries listed below check with the relevant organisation to see if you are eligible for funding.






United States:





Terms and Conditions


Applications to the Rob Chapman Scholarship award by students enrolled on the BA (Hons) Commercial Music 2-year Distance Learning Online Programme at WaterBear will be subject to the following Terms and Conditions:


(1) One Rob Chapman Scholarship place is available for the 2019- 2020 academic year. The successful recipient of the Scholarship award will be selected by Rob Chapman and the WaterBear Education Directors, whose decision will be final. (2) The Scholarship award is open to applicants enrolling onto the January 2019 entry of the 2-year Online Distance Learning BA (Hons) Commercial Music programme only. All students enrolling onto this programme will automatically be eligible to apply for the Scholarship award.  (3) This Scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other scholarship or bursary. (4) Deadline for applications to the 2-year Distance Learning BA (Hons) Commercial Music programme is September 10th 2019. (5) WaterBear Education reserve the right to withdraw this Scholarship at any point, prior to acceptance of a place to study on the programme. (6) The successful recipient of the Rob Chapman Scholarship award is required to have paid all tuition fees necessary to study on the programme in accordance with the payment schedule as set out by the University of Chichester, in advance of any scholarship award being given. (7) Applications to the Rob Chapman Scholarship award can be made by all students who have enrolled onto the 2-year Online Distance Learning BA (Hons) Commercial Music programme.  (8) Applicants will be required to: Prepare and submit audio or video content to demonstrate the applicant’s musical ability. This could be a performance of an original piece of music or cover version, or another specific activity within music. Applicants should endeavour to choose material that will showcase their talent in the most effective way. (9) Provide a written statement of approximately 1000 words describing the applicant’s musical journey to date and how they feel the scholarship award would benefit them with regards to their career goals within music. (10) Applications will be received from July 20th 2019 and will be open until September 1st 2019 . The successful application will be announced on October 1th  2019. (11) The successful recipient of the Rob Chapman Scholarship award will receive the associated funds (£3,000.00 GBP) according to a payment schedule set out by WaterBear, which will be spread across the duration of the programme. Payments will be made to a designated bank account in GBP sterling. The award of a Chapman guitar will be made subsequent to determination of the guitar specification and allowing for lead time necessary to manufacture and distribute. (12) WaterBear Education will immediately cease all awards associated with the Rob Chapman Scholarship being made if: (a) The student in receipt of the Rob Chapman Scholarship withdraws from the programme of study; (b) The student in receipt of the Rob Chapman Scholarship is suspended or excluded from WaterBear; (c) The student in receipt of the Rob Chapman Scholarship is unable to continue their studies at WaterBear; (d) The student in receipt of the Rob Chapman Scholarship has made any misrepresentation or acted fraudulently or dishonestly in their application. (13) The successful recipient of the Rob Chapman Scholarship award will be notified by an email from WaterBear to inform them directly of the decision. WaterBear expect to celebrate the news of the Scholarship award being made by running the story as part of their ongoing marketing campaign. The successful recipient agrees that WaterBear may use their image, moving image and name as part of this campaign. (14) The successful recipient of the Rob Chapman Scholarship award agrees to participate in press and PR opportunities as required and to have their image and moving image used on the WaterBear website, social media and in printed publications, to promote the Scholarship award. (15) WaterBear Education reserves the right to withdraw the Scholarship and associated awards if any of these terms and conditions are not met.


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