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Funding & Finance

BA Hons Tuition fees: £9,250 per year (Approved for Student Loan Funding)
MA Tuition Fees: £9,950 (Approved for Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan)


Funding & Maintenance
Eligible students are able to get a Tuition Fee Loan from the government which helps to pay the course fee. This is available to students studying an undergraduate degree or Foundation Degree. You can request a loan which covers the whole of the fee or just part of the fee.

It is also possible to get a maintenance loan which helps with the cost of living (e.g. rent, food, course materials, etc). How much you can get depends on your circumstances (e.g. household income) and whether you choose to live in the parental home.

Students from lower income households receive more financial support. You can get an idea of how much support is available to you using the student finance calculator.


The maintenance loan is paid to you in three instalments in the academic year


Extra funds – which don’t have to be repaid – might be available if you have dependents.


The Adult Dependants’ Grant is for students who have a spouse (or partner if you are over 25) who is financially dependent on them.
The Childcare Grant is funding specifically for childcare expenses incurred whilst studying, and the Parents’ Learning Allowance helps student parents to pay for course expenses such as books, study materials and travel costs.

All the grants are means-tested (based on household income).


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I'm very proud to be a patron of WaterBear. It's a wonderful place, and a vital one. Their work is essential in developing the careers of the next generation of our creative industries, both on the stage and behind the scenes. It's exciting and humbling for me to be around so much passion and energy! I'm looking forward to seeing you all at graduation!

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