Ben Ash

Portrait of Ben Ash

+ Guitar Tutor

In 2013, Ben got his big break as live guitarist for the UK Grindcore/Death Metal legends Carcass on the back of Homemade YouTube tutorials/Tribute videos to support the US top 40 ‘Comeback’ release ‘Surgical Steel’ (Nuclear Blast). After 5 years of extensive international touring with Slayer, Testament and Deafheaven to name a few, Ben took time out to focus on getting back into an educational teaching role at Waterbear…and taking on another high-end session slot.

In 2019, Ben played live session guitar for Norwegian Grammy award winning black metal band Satyricon, playing main support for Slayer (again) on their ‘Farewell’ tour and playing the 25th anniversary ‘Rebel Extravaganza’ LP show at Tons of Rock (Norway) amongst others that year.

Ben still resides in this position, teaches, holds an MA and is currently working with the PRS Foundation to support his first Solo effort Glass Roses.”

Why WaterBear?

Tardigrade (AKA Water Bear)

  • Micro-animal that is found everywhere, in all extreme climates
  • The most resilient creature known to humanity. Survives and adapts to its surroundings
  • This resilience and ability to adapt and survive inspires us in everything we do