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Electronic Music

All tutors and mentors at WaterBear are also highly experienced professionals. It’s their job to ensure you get the best help and guidance possible to achieve your qualification and career goals.


Richard Brincklow | Electronic Music

Richard has been playing keyboards since an early age. He signed to the same management as Radiohead and Supergrass in the late 90’s leading to his band, Medal, signing a deal with Polydor and touring globally. From here Richard studied composition and started a career writing and recording music for documentaries and drama, alongside session keyboard work for acts like Passenger and Polak. Since then his music has featured on BBC radio 2, 3 and 6 and his music for picture on BBC 1, 2 and Channel 4. He presently plays with his band Bledig and also has a Neo Classical album due for release next year.


Greyum May | Electronic Music

As a bassist / multi-instrumentalist, Greyum has spent the past two decades as a touring musician, working with bands such as Keepers Brew, Ozric Tentacles, Firebird and The Black Hand. He is also regularly employed as a backline technician and stage manager, working with artists such as Carcass, Ghost, Megadeth and Lamb Of God. Greyum describes his musical tastes as leaning left of centre, with psychedelic and progressive electronic music being of particular interest. Also a self-confessed tone and gear junky, Greyum is perhaps at his happiest when knee deep in MIDI cables, FX units, synth modules and other various assorted audio junk!


Samuel Organ | Electronic Music

Samuel Organ is a multidisciplinary musician and producer. He’s a founding member of The Physics House Band, playing Guitar and Synthesizers, who have gained high critical acclaim from The Guardian, The Independent, NPR and the BBC, as well as extensive touring and performing notable shows with Alt-J, Django Django, Omar-Rodriguez Lopez + more. As a solo producer / session musician he’s currently working with Slugabed (Ninja Tune) and Mr.Jukes (Island) on drums, and Jetta (Sony) on keys/Ableton and has written soundtracks for WIRED Magazine, Footlocker + more. He’s also a founding member of Small Pond, a Brighton based creative music company who offer rehearsal and recording services, as well as running a record label, events promotion company and Youtube channel. Samuel was voted the 5th Best New Guitarist in a 2017 poll in Total Guitar.

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