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All tutors and mentors at WaterBear are also highly experienced professionals. It’s their job to ensure you get the best help and guidance possible to achieve your qualification and career goals.


Amba Tremain | Vocals

Amba Tremain is a contemporary singer, songwriter, musician and vocal coach. She has worked with many high profile artists including Boy George, Newton Faulkner, Ella Henderson and Roachford. She’s also been awarded a gold disc by the BPI for her contribution to the album ‘Somewhere’ by the late Eva Cassidy. Amba and her band ‘Blame Jones’ have recently secured a Spotify deal, having over 250,000 monthly listeners. She’s featured on over 90,000 worldwide playlists and is also a prolific session vocalist and keyboard player, playing with several up and coming and established artists. Her other roles include Musical Director of award winning organisation ‘The Urban Vocal Group’, a free to access young persons music charity, and Director of the ‘Breaking Through’ artist development programme.

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