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WaterBear Announce New Partnership with Falmouth University

February 13, 2020

A commitment to quality and innovation

WaterBear founding Directors Adam and Bruce talk about WaterBear’s innovative new partnership with Falmouth University. They explain how this relationship will evolve and strengthen the BA and MA courses and have a positive impact on WaterBear and the musicians who study at the college.

Bruce: We’ve got some very exciting news!

Adam: Absolutely! From this year (2020), we have a new university partner – Falmouth University – who will validate all our new courses, which we’re incredibly excited about. Falmouth is one of the foremost arts universities in the world, with a firm commitment to partnerships and innovation.

Bruce: This new partnership will apply to anyone who’s starting a course with us in 2020. The reason it’s so exciting is that it’s such a great cultural fit because of the commitment to quality in the arts in Higher Education and innovation. We’ve developed a new BA (Hons) qualification – ‘BA (Hons) Career Musician’ – and also a Masters qualification entitled MA ‘Music Entrepreneur’ already under this new partnership.

Adam: All the great stuff at WaterBear hasn’t changed. We’re still WaterBear. It’s still fantastic. We’re just partnering with another university for our new courses.  All of our current courses remain unchanged and so does our proud partnership with the University of Chichester, our university partner for all existing courses,.

Bruce: The content has evolved for the new courses. We’ve still got a big focus on areas such as Technique, Improvisation, Live Performance, Songwriting and Composition, Studio Production, Recording Mixing and Mastering, Entrepreneurship, Business Studies… all that great stuff as before. But where it’s really different and where it has evolved is in its flexibility. It’s even more flexible in the way you build the course around your lifestyle and the way you can make the course your own. Your course, whether it’s BA or Masters, is even more about you and where you want to take it. Of course, that part is still carefully curated by lots of one-on-one discussion and small class sizes.

Adam: By the time you read this our website will have full details about these new courses and how to apply for them, which is really straightforward. For the Masters you apply directly to WaterBear and there’s a Falmouth University application form to fill out. For the three-year BA, you can apply through UCAS with the new course codes on the website. For the 2-year accelerated distance learning BA, again you use the application form. And as usual, all applicants for all course are invited for the for a 1-1 consultation. So that’s it! We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone later this year on the new WaterBear / Falmouth University courses. If you’ve got any questions in the meantime, just drop us a line and we’re very much looking forward to seeing you soon!

Bruce: Thank you for being part of the WaterBear journey.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the admissions manager at WaterBear, Megan Sayer, via the email address: megan@wbear.io. If you are yet to apply, or are currently holding an offer from us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Rest assured that Megan will be in touch with all offer holders very soon with details as to what to do next in regard to transferring your application.

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